Balance, boobs & the madness of Moo-juice with Elise Carr


Balance. It’s something I truly believe is so important to our health and wellness and indeed, our happiness. But like so many others, even though I might appear to have it sussed most of the time, I am indeed prone to some pretty spectacular falls. I believe balance is about really getting to know yourself, what works for you and what doesn’t, understanding your limits, working within your boundaries and being accepting of the consequences of your decisions whatever they may be. But what I do to achieve balance in my life is a personalized prescription I’ve developed through several years of trial and lots, and lots of error.

One of the reasons I started this blog was with the hope that I could inspire people to really take the time to learn what works for them so that they can achieve balance in their own lives. I’ve found that one of the best ways to inspire people is to share. So with every post, I share a little bit of my story be it my Primally-inspired diet, my fitness regime, how I relax, and yes, even my all-too-often spectacular stumblings.

But there are so many other amazing humans out there achieving stratospheric levels of balance in their own lives through methodologies that are so very different to my own. So it’s with amazing excitement that I introduce to you the first in a series of interviews with some of these inspirational Holistic Hotties and Holistic Hombres from all walks of life and from all around the globe.

Enter Elise Carr of StellaMuse.


Ethereal. Celestial. Feminine. Gorgeous. Goddess… just a handful of words that sprung to mind when I first met Elise. I don’t recall how she landed into my universe, but I’m so glad she did. I’m also insanely honoured to be able to share a fragment of her inspirational journey and to interview her as the first — official — Holistic Hottie.

A writer, speaker, model, artist, Reiki master and life coach are just a few of the quivers in Elise’s divinely feminine arrow. A sassy advocate of a label-free and animal-friendly diet, teacher and healer are but a handful more. And now she’s the beauty and the brains behind MYLKD – a beautiful but poignant campaign that highlights the reality of the dairy industry; a sad – sick – reality that so many don’t realize exists. But like a true visionary, she also provides a solution by shedding light on the cornucopia of dairy alternatives that are readily available; this is something she feels very passionate about. But Elise is all about passion – passion, balance, natural beauty, boobs and yoni power, but I’ll allow her to elaborate on her no-moo, StellaMuse world.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a Divine Feminine Trailblazer, certified holistic health coach & Reiki master and teacher with an unwavering passion for guiding amazing souls to awaken their inner Stella Warrior and be their most authentic, nourished and divine self. I am also a writer (currently interviewing women for my second book on the power of the yoni), model, speaker and artist.

Tell us about your M Y L K D campaign and how it all came about?

M Y L K D was a concept that came to me as I sat poolside with a dear StellaTriber sipping bottles of my homemade almond mylk. He jokingly reclined and posed with the bottle in hand sporting a mylkd moustache and I thought this is brilliant! I took a photo to capture the moment and we both agreed the world needed to see this to create awareness about moo-free alternatives.

And so it began.

mylkd Elise Carr of StellaMuse

I created M Y L K D to start a conversation while raising awareness around the myriad of dairy alternatives you can create, purchase and enjoy. It is also a platform to highlight a reality of the dairy industry you may not know exists and how your every purchase, your every choice, effects not only your Divine body but also that of the animals and our home, Mother Earth.

What does “balance” mean to you?

‘Balance’ for me starts with being in harmony with my inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Coming from my heart not my personality or ego.

It then extends to observing and investing in my most important relationships; with self (self-care & self-love), with my spiritual practice (Being in the Divine flow, awakened, connected to Mother Nature, the Universe through practices including meditation, yoga, floating, writing, earthing, exercise) – and with my beloveds, tribe and community.

Balance to me is acknowledging and living by the ethos that we are all connected in one brilliant fabric of light consciousness. Living with balance means honouring this in how we treat ourselves, each other, the earth and all the creatures we share this planet with.

What’s your one “wicked” vice and how do you factor it into your life?

Wicked sounds like a magical word to me so I’d probably being doing wicked practices on any given day! I would say I LOVE homemade organic, raw, processed sugar free chocolate. I often experiment weekly in the kitchen … and naturally a StellaChef must sample her wonderfully wicked creations before sharing!

What’s your go-to holistically haute hack, product or ritual?

Moisturising my body with natural, animal friendly body products, essential oils and organic coconut oil is my daily ritual; not only to nourish the skin but to stimulate the blood/chi flow, connect with myself through gratitude and take a moment to be present. (It is also the time I practice my tantric breast massage for healthy, perky & firm Goddess breasts!)

What’s your favourite thing to do…

a) In your hometown, Perth – Be in nature. Often by the water and especially at our incredible beaches. Topless tanning and swimming under morning sunshine, yes please!

b) While out wandering – Hitting up the fresh farmers markets or organic stores. I love seeing what is unique to the country I visit and I will ensure wherever I travel there is a fridge, so I can stock up and prepare nourishing meals whilst abroad. I also love the vintage stores for a one off piece of fabulous fashion. From designer pieces to no-name finds it is such a joy to unearth a hidden gem and a chic new piece to take home in the suitcase and breathe new life into. I also have to get artsy in some way; see some local theatre, visit an art gallery, see a photo exhibition or street performance during a festival. Art to me shows a piece of a city’s soul, to see this come alive in colour, sound, music and native language is part of why I travel – I love connecting with this and melting into a destinations unique vibe, even for one night.

Celestial but oh-so-grounded, Elise certainly struts through her ethereal universe with vixenish aplomb. You can get MYLKD here and find out more about Elise and her StellaTribe here

Certainly some foxy, feminine, dairy-free, food for thought hey hotties?

How do you find, or struggle to find, balance? Could No-Moo or connecting to your Yoni be of some benefit to you? Both Elise and I would love to hear what you think. Sharing is caring afterall…

Big love,


Images: “Balance” title image via Pinterest. Elise Carr & MYLKD images used with permission from Elise Carr/

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